Harshit Dwivedi

Harshit Dwivedi

Android Developer and Enthusiast


About Me

I am a final year undergrauate student, majoring in Electronics and Communication at Indraprastha University New Delhi.
I am a Google Certified Android Developer and have been in the field since over an year and a half and being an avid Open Source lover, the source code to most of my apps can be easily found on my GitHub.

Currently I'm working with Udacity as an Android and Digital Marketing mentor for students involved in their Nanodegree programs.
Apart from Android, I've also worked on Backend Server (LAMP) and building Android OS (AOSP) forks for devices

When I am not coding, I love to doodle around with my paintbrush, listen to podcasts and go on long walks with my dog

Latest Projects


DigitalOceanApp Open Source

Android App and Android Library for accessing the DigitalOcean API. Made as a part of DigitalOcean CloudHackathon.
The library provides easy to use Java methods to make API calls to DigitalOcean.
The Android App lets people sign in with their Digital Ocean account. Once signed in, you can see your droplets, and their status.

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lEarnIt Open Source

lEarnIt is a Paytm powered Android applications to motivate children for study. It links parent's Paytm wallet and child's wallet within the application. Every time child completes a module successfully certain amount of money is transferred from parent's wallet to child's wallet which can be further used to buy things for the child. I created the Android app which was linked with Paytm's APIs to transfer the balance from parent's wallet to child's wallet.

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IvyOpen Source

A personal assistant app built using IBM Watson's Conversation service. It hooks up with several APIs and helps you out with your various tasks like ordering food, booking flight tickets, playing music, providing info on stock prices etc.

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CrapCons icon packOpen Source

An icon pack app along with the support for cloud based wallpapers which replaces the current icons in your phone with the custom ones made by me.It is open sourced on github and hence also serves as a template for developers who want to make their own version of the icon pack.

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Popular MoviesOpen Source

An app that displays details about popular movies by using theMovieDB API.It allows the user to sort between top rated and popular movies and allows caching of movie details.

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Other Projects

StockHawk Open Source

An app which displays information about user’s selected stocks on a graph with their historical data, offline access and a widget for quick access

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PoorJoker Open Source

Android app with free and paid flavours which fetches jokes from a library hosted on Google App Engine.The app also displays banner and interstitial ads in free flavour using AdMob.

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Work Experience

Mentor - Udacity (January 2017 - Present)

Provide direct support and feedback to students enrolled in Udacity's Nanodegree program in the areas including Android Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Advertising, SEO, Google Adwords and Analytics.

Android Developer - FOSSASIA (March 2016 - Present)

I was a Google Summer of Code Participant at FOSSASIA.
My job at FOSSASIA was to develop an Open Sourced event management application where people can generate an Android app for their event even if they don't have any knowledge of Android Development.
Alongwith the Android App, I also made a one pager website backed on a server which people can use to generate a custom app via a simple UI

Technical Intern YU Televentures (August 2015 - November 2015)

I Worked on Android AOSP bring-up for YU Yuphoria alongwith mentoring other interns on building Custom OS for Android devices.

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